Stitch-less Surgery

The technique, popularly known as ‘Indorewala Technique’, was developed by the Dr. Indorewala himself. The idea experimented with animals for over two years was researched and perfected by him. It is now widely used by other surgeons.
Until recently Indorewala ENT Hospital has performed over 5,741 such surgeries. Prior to the invention of the “Indorewala Technique”, surgeons performed eardrum hole┬ásurgeries using fascia (second layer of skin) from near the ear. The fascia was initially grafted and subsequently used to path the hole in the eardrum with its patch.
The innovation by Dr. Indorewala, instead enabled surgeons to use fascia of the thigh to patch the hole with the graft. Using this technique does not require any stitches.
“The method of fixing the graft is special and that does not require stitches. This procedure is better and heals quickly,” he said. In 1989, graft surgery was performed on a patient who had undergone three unsuccessful surgeries. “She agreed to the new technique and was operated in the stitch-less manner. The operation was a success,” the doctor recollected.

  1. Small cut surgery, stitches after surgery .
  2. No dressing after surgery.
  3. Patient can have shower from next day after surgery.
  4. Patient can move around home without any special precaution.
  5. No ugly scars for post surgical period.
  6. No hassle of removing stitches.
  7. No mark of incision remains on body.
  8. Looks like no surgery has been done.
  9. Good for patients in show business.
  10. No trace of any bruise or mark on body.
  11. Good for women who are cosmetic conscious.
  12. Automatic healing of wounds of surgery .
  13. No issue of pain and marks at the site of surgery.
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