OT Complex

The entire operation theatre complex is completely isolated and air-conditioned. It has two operation rooms, a recovery room, ICU, and a central sterilization room. For sterility purpose, the OT has a double door facility. The interior of the whole OT complex is well thought out in terms of utility, sterility and function. The colours and the aesthetics of the OT complex are very calming. The two operation rooms are visually connected and acoustically separated. These help in keeping the two rooms disturbance-free, but, visually accessible for monitoring. Hence, enhancing the safety of patients many times over.


The OT complex is equipped with ultra-modern Zeiss Vario microscopes, Sony medical monitor, a 3-chip Maxer camera, a Gyrus micro debrider, a central gas supply with display and critical level alarms, a remote-controlled hydraulic operation table, etc. The OT complex has a central sterilization department that includes automatic steam sterilizers, ETO sterilizer, etc.


A unique feature of the OT complex is that under each operation room, there is a machine room. All supporting machinery like the suction machine, cautery machine, gas supply, hydraulic power of operation table etc. is installed there. All the controls and user tips of these pieces of equipment are in the operation rooms. This unique feature of the operation room design with machine room under it has three advantages: (1) it makes the operation room free of hanging wires, tubes and cords thus freeing the operation room of congestion, (2) it creates a safe environment for the patient and (3) since all the machinery are in the machine-rooms, their maintenance does not jeopardize OT sterility or interfere with the function of the operation rooms.

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