Surgical Facilities

Usual ENT surgeries like tonsillectomies, septoplasties, and advanced ear surgeries like fenestration surgery, surgeries for deafness due to congenital middle ear deformities, surgeries for vertigo such as end lymphatic sac decompression and vestibular neurectomy are done routinely. In addition, the institute regularly undertakes various reconstructive surgeries like Rhinoplasties for aesthetic improvements and function of the nose, Thermoplastics for better voice quality, Pinnaplasties for restoration of pinna in those who either have lost the pinna in a mishap or are born without one. In fact, the institute is the only centre where quality pinnaplasty and canaloplasty are done on regular basis under one roof.

Endoscopic sinus surgeries, orbital surgeries, skull base surgeries are also done routinely. Recently the institute has started investigations, treatment and surgeries for sleep apnoea and snoring.

The institute has a fully developed and actively running cochlear implant program for profoundly deaf patients. It has all facilities under one-roof for diagnosis, pre-operative investigations, surgery and post-operative habilitation of these profoundly deaf patients. The institute, with all its facilities, is one of the very few such centres in the country.

The institute also has a regular list of head and neck surgeries including surgeries for head and neck cancers.