Hospital Facilities

  • A contemporary and dynamic ambience of the OPD with modern facilities, including Wi-Fi and therapeutic music, givesa special character to the place. The cool natural surroundings merge with its interiors. The architecture of the institute allows light, ventilation and free movement of air in such a way that one hardly needs to use electricity either to illuminate or to cool the interiors. Thus, the institute ’s philosophy of green-design becomes vivid. Wide corridors, rooms, central courtyard with birds, pets and palm trees all make the interior of the institute very user friendly. The large OPD waiting hall is open to the natural surroundings with a central large LCD screen displaying educative programs in basic health care and related topics. The LCD also displays ongoing surgeries which the relatives of the patient can see online. No part of the institute has any repulsive hospital odour. All the walls of the institute have wonderful art and craftwork, many of them done by Sofiya.
  • The institute has an indoor section with 25 beds. The outdoor section has consulting rooms. These consulting rooms are equipped with best microscopes, endoscopes, computers and all other primary ENT examination equipments. The institute’s office has two rooms and is equipped with all modern office paraphernalia like fax, photocopy machine, lamination machine, computers, printers, scans, cabinet filing systems etc. The office is connected by LAN with all other departments.
  • Dr. Indorewala ENT Hospital DNB Institute And Research Center Provides So Many :-
    Diagnostic Facility , Surgical Facility , Mediclaim facility , Infrastructure Facilities In Surgical Facility Indorewala Hospital Is One Of The Hospital And Center In North Maharashtra As recognized "Cochlear Implant,Stichless Surgery". BAHA Surgery Also Done In Indorewala Hospital.


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