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From A Garage Onwards…

The institute is located in a 3400 square meters area and is in the heart of the city. The main bus stand, hotels, market area etc are all not more than 500 meters away . Golf club, jogging track, swimming pool, city gardens and Government District Hospital are all within 1.5km range from the institute . The institute is on the bank of River Nasardi , and is well connected by two prominent roads on its north and south sides . The south side road is a segment of inner ring road of the city.

The area of the institute is vibrantly green, with trees all around and a well-maintained garden with numerous bonsais,fruit trees, water plants, lawns and outdoor sitting arrangements.This encourages the visit of exotic avi-fauna making the clinic a veritable natural paradise.

To ensure the comfort of patients and visitors, there is a well-designated and adequate parking space in the premises.

It is an accepted fact that people with afflictions respond to treatment in surroundings which promote a sense of calm and harmony. In keeping with this view, the institute is designed with immense aesthetic care, and the building itself is of a single floor, artfully blended in a green, eco friendly surrounding.