About Dr. Indorewala

From A Garage Onwards…

With excellent academic credentials as an ENT surgeon and possessed with a wealth of knowledge of the speciality, in 1982, Dr Shabbir Indorewala set out with a vision and resolve to excel in the profession. The lack of funds being the only obtrusive bottleneck. Consequently, a small area of 14 square meters of a warehouse was renovated to commence his ENT clinic. Though the space was humble, the clinic was equipped with the best clinical and diagnostic equipment, albeit, on a limited scale. At the time, this was the only private ENT clinic in the state of Maharashtra boasting of a Bell Microscope for ear examination in outpatients and supported by an Apple computer with a dot matrix printer! A limited number of surgeries were performed at a nearby general surgical facility to establish professional credentials and trust.


The overwhelming confidence and response of peers and patients encouraged Dr Indorewala to upgrade the clinic in 1985. These upgrades were achieved by way of augmenting the setup with a small operation theatre and a four-bedded nursing facility. The resolve to improve and excel is reflected in constant upgradations of equipment and surgical instruments. The acquisition of a Leica microscope in 1993 that was one of only three in the entire state of Maharashtra separated Dr Indorewala from his competitors.


Two decades later, after having established his professional excellence both on the clinical front and through high-quality precision surgical skills, the entire facility was shifted to a dedicated premise of 3400 square meters having a constructed complex of 1600 square meters. The surgeon’s vision and purpose are well reflected in the built premises. At a time when “hyped” green architecture was a little heard of concept, the institution provided a serene natural environment, aesthetically incorporated in its architecture. In doing so, the clinic has also achieved the social goal of reducing the ever-burgeoning carbon footprint. Today, with an extremely environment-friendly setup, the institution can justifiably claim to have set global standards in providing private healthcare.

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