Corporate Social Responsibility


Indorewala Memorial Educational Medical Institute and Research Centre (IMEMIRC) stands for charity. It is a trust registered with the charity commissioner of Nashik and is active since its inception in 2010. IMEMIRC is registered under the Income Tax Act 1961, Sections 12-A and 80-G for tax exemptions concerning donations to the institute.



IMEMIRC has been organizing free consultation and surgical camps all over Nashik District. By doing so, IMEMIRC diagnoses and treats the patients free of cost. Where patients need surgical care, they are transported to the hospital to ensure their complete treatment before being sent home. The aim is to increase the awareness of Ear, Nose and Throat related problems amongst the populous.

As a Trust itself, IMEMIRC receives sponsorships and donations from various NGO’s as well as private donors alike. It utilises these funds as and when needy patients require monies to complete their course of treatment. Another prime activity that IMEMIRC engages in regularly is funding for Cochlear Implant patients. Cochlear Implantation is a relatively expensive surgery with a long post-operative care period that usually involves at least a couple of years of rigorous speech therapy.

All this included costs a lot which most patients cannot afford. In these situations, IMEMIRC helps the patients by providing financial aid so that the children can be implanted as early as possible. In Cochlear Implant cases, time is of the essence, as the best results are obtained by operating early on.



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