Ex-DNB Institute

About DNB Institute

  1. Located in the historic & holy city of Nashik peaceful environment, DNB commenced with its first batch of potential teachers in 1/7/2003.
    It was started with the sole aim of creating and developing professional education facilities to train the aspiring young generation and thus provide dedicated, ambitious and skilled professionals to serve the society and the nation at large.
  2. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS : Every year uninterrupted since 2000, the institute organizes training courses for ENT surgeons from all over the world. During the course, the participating delegates are given hands-on training for various ear and sinus operations on cadaver with complete surgical set up. Live surgical demonstration by Dr.Indorewala and an invited faculty of national and international repute follow this two-day hands-on dissection session.
    For the one hundred and twenty available seats, an overwhelming number of registration seekers apply.Maharashtra Medical Council has accredited the institute with credit hours for conducting CME Programme / Workshops / Seminars / Short Courses / Conferences. In line with its commitment to impart quality education and training to the younger generation, the institute is accredited with National Board of Examination, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, for postgraduate training of students in ENT. The institute takes pride in being the only institute in private single specialty setup in Maharashtra to have this accreditation.

Reaserch And Development

True to its commitment of pioneering the development of better treatment approaches to ENT diseases, the institute has developed following techniques / equipments:
An innovative research was carried out at the institute on animals to study ‘dimensional stability of free fascia grafts’. The results of this study were then applied to the surgery for closure of eardrum perforations in human. Use of fascia lata as a graft material improved the success rate of perforation closure to 98.5%. This was a very significant success rate over previous methods. The institute has played pioneering role in the conceptualization, development, standardization and popularization of this technique of tympanoplasty.
Anterior approach to the middle ear, referred to as ‘anterior tympanotomy’, was also conceptualized and developed in this institute. This approach to middle ear further led to the development of various other approaches like inferior tympanotomy and superior tympanotomy.
The above two efforts led to the development of stitch-less ear surgery for the closure of ear drum perforation with excellent success rate and minimum pain and discomfort to the patient. The above concepts and the stitch-less ear surgery are now well recognized and accepted as routine in many centres in India and the rest of the world.
At present, the institute is actively involved in research on visualization of eardrum grafts and on granular myringitis.
The institute has developed a temperature controlled ear jet. This helps in syringing of ears with great comfort to the patients and absolutely no vertiginous feeling after the procedure.
The institute has to its credit the development of bored-instrument-jet-cleaner. Since ENT has many bored instrument, which tend to clog, this contribution greatly helps in meticulous cleaning of the bored instrument in a very short time.

DNB Student

         Dr.Vineet Dalal. MBBS, DLO. Nurmahal, Punjab. July 2005 To June 2007.
         Dr.Pushkaraj Vatrak . MBBS Mumbai, Maharashtra. July 2008 To June 2011.
         Dr.Tejashree Joshi. MBBS. Nashik, Maharashtra. July 2009 To June 2012.
         Dr.Jagmal Ghusar MBBS, DLO Junaghar, Gujarat July 2009 To June 2011.
         Dr.Gaurav Nemade. MBBS Bhusawal, Maharashtra. July 2010 To June 2013.
         Dr.Mittal Shah. MBBS, DLO Baroda, Gujrat. July 2010 To June 2012.
         Dr.Shrikant Surywanshi. MBBS Mumbai, Maharashtra. July 2011 To June 2014.

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