Diadnostic Facilities

Clinical consultation

Patients are provided with primary consultation, emergency consultation and re-consultation. All primary examinations of ears, nose and throat are done under microscope with high-resolution camera attachment. Online computer connectivity enables excellent visuals to the patient and accompanying persons. They can see and understand their problems. Recorded data bank becomes a reference source for junior consultants. To give effective cutting edge to the outcome of consultations, the institute runs various clinics such as deafness clinic, cochlear implant clinic, stitch-less ear surgery clinic, facial plastic clinic, sleep apnoea and snoring clinic, vertigo clinic and head & neck cancer clinic.


The state of art diagnostic infrastructure available on campus provides accurate analytical investigation in areas of pathology, audiology and endoscopy. This logistic enables quick action for the patients’ further clinical evaluation. To appreciate the high-tech diagnostic infrastructure, suffice to say that even a one-day-old infant can be screened and diagnosed with certainty for the cause and degree of deafness, if any.


In a separate enclosure, with a non-clinical and pleasant ambience, the patients can have detailed discussions with a qualified and well-trained ENT surgeon. The patient and relatives can discuss with knowledgeable junior consultants the various treatment options to make intelligent choices. The institute believes in letting the patient choose the best treatment for themselves from the available options. The junior consultants only guide them to make proper informed choices.

Curative treatment:

The Institute has an operation theatre complex with avant-garde and state-of-the-art equipments, housed in a pleasing and ergonomic layout. This operation theatre complex is designed in detail and is custom made to provide the greatest comforts to the user. The curative wing of the institute has various therapy departments comprising of speech and language therapy, auditory verbal therapy, auditory training, hearing aid training, tinnitus retraining therapy, CAPD management, etc.
A fully loaded in house pharmacy caters to patients on a 24 x 7 basis.
Radiology with state of art equipments for high resolution CT, MRI, or plain digital x-rays etc are done at prime specialist radiology centres of the city.

Post operative rehabilitation & nursing:

The institute has 25 beds and they are evenly distributed into general, special and deluxe rooms. All rooms open into a green, illuminated internal courtyard with palm trees and pets. The windows of all the rooms over see the external compound wall, the river and the flora.

  1. Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR).
  2. Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA).
  3. Impedance Audiometry (IA).
  4. Brain Stem Evoked Response Audoimetry (BERA).
  5. Oto AcousticEmission (OAE).
  6. Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP).
  7. Pathology
  8. Nasal Endoscopy.
  9. Ear and Nose microscopy.
  10. Caloric test and vertigo clinic.
  11. Headache clinic.
  12. Deafness clinic.
  13. Hearing aid dispensing unit.
  14. Speech pathology clinic.
  15. Cancer detection clinic.
  16. dio-Diagnostics.
  17. CT Scan / MR Imaging.
  18. Flexible Fiberoptic Oesophagoscopy.
  19. Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscopy.